Quantum physics reminds us that there really is no such thing as an inanimate object. Our senses tell us when an item has been made with Loving intent and skill and attention.

One of the joys of encouraging ourselves and others to create with more awareness is that we get to live with more objects of beauty.

What makes an item beautiful?
Grace. Usefulness. Intent. Craftsmanship. Appreciation.
Love. Lighthawk - painting with love 72

Of course. Love is often the answer.
Creating is natural. Inspiration flows as we tune in to the Source of creativity. From that place of harmony, we can then use our hands and hearts and tools to bring something new into form.

As we expand in our creative play, it can be helpful to view our play time as a gift of Love that we give ourselves. From that place of Love, we can create beauty.

This week as you play, see  whatever you create as a gift given to you to birth into a form that you can give to another.

Whatever you’re creating today (and you are creating today, aren’t you?)
create it as a gift of Love. kid with homemade heart 72