Coaching Creativity

Creativity is such an interesting topic. Drop that word in any random group of people, and then stand back and watch in amazement. Opinions will fly. People will voluntarily and vocally self-identify as “not creative” or “a creative.”

Beliefs obviously contribute to experience, and the inverse can also be true. Yet however much one might deny innate creativity, as human beings, we just can’t help being creative. Throughout an incarnation, the cells of our body keep regenerating. Thoughts keep wanting to evolve. New lyrics keep emerging for old tunes. Emotions keep morphing. Fresh ideas are playfully courting us. Creating is inevitable.

Certainly we can repress our natural creativity. We can use it to create boredom or drama. We can twist it into conformity. We can seek external approval and use our creativity to masquerade as a PR version of ourselves. or copy others and pretend to be someone else. And still, even in the midst of the most uncomfortable pretzel-izing, approval-seeking conformity, creativity can’t help but leak out of us.

We are all, each and every one of us, natural-born creators.

So why don’t we consciously create more… more often, more joyfully, more intentionally, more prolifically?
The over-simplified answer is fear. Most of us have faced resistance, both internal and external, to our creative expressions.
Many of us have further used our abilities to tell ourselves a story of why and how creating is “hard.”

What might happen if we used our creativity to tell a new story?

What if creating is more about allowing than “making?”

What if creativity flows more easily when we stop “trying” so hard, and just relax and play with Life a little more?

What if we choose LOVE instead of fear… love of self, love of Life, love of our ever-evolving, ever-changing journey, love of our own unique refraction of Light?

Wherever you may be in your own creative journey, here is a fun game* you might enjoy:

Pick a form of creative expression that is NEW to you.

Approach it as a young child. Use beginner’s tools.


Keep your playful process and the results private.
Keep quiet about what you’re doing, at least for several months.

*(based on spiritual principles and scientific research).

Can baking cookies make one a better architect?
Can embroidery help one write a better novel?
Can dancing improve your ability to sculpt?
Can gardening make you a more successful entrepreneur?

Why not find out for yourself?

Please note: If you would like personal help in your creative journey, we offer specialized, personal creativity coaching to those who walk in Love. Whether you have been consciously creating for decades or you’re just getting started, Creative AmPowerment ™ coaching  can help you move into more expansive and focused awareness and tangible expression. You can request an application and more info in the comment section at the bottom of the meditation page.