Intuition, co-incidence, angel play, blessings & goofing off

   I just finished reading three new-to-me articles about the power of Nature in restoring wholeness to human physical and emotional systems. This is a topic near and dear to my heart – one of the many, many, areas where “science” is finally starting to acknowledge what ancient wisdom has offered all along: Nature heals.
(Can I get a “well, du-uhhh!” someone?) 😉 white christmas 72

More interesting to me, and I hope to you, is how simply and easily all this research just landed in my lap. It all started with a trip to the post office on the way to JOY today.
At the post office, I overheard two conversations – neither of which had anything to do with me… or so it seemed. One conversation was a woman telling a kindly neighbor man how just sitting outside, looking at the ocean was helping her heal from the grief of losing her mother.
The other was something about the library. I didn’t even hear a complete sentence. Only the word library popped out at me.

So… I took a circuitous route back to our little vortex of JOY, driving slow along the ocean road, watching the waves and feeling extreme gratitude for this beautiful location that has welcomed us home. Then, up 7th street toward the highway and, oh look, the library is open. Wonder if they have any free magazines?

I’m doing a collage workshop in a couple of weeks and it would be good to have a few more magazines. Logic, reasoning and scheduling would have saved this errand for another day. Fortunately, I’m much less logical and a bit more mindful of the magic inherent in now than I used to be. I was right there, then. It just so happened that the library had a big stack of old magazines they were releasing. In and out in just a few minutes with an eclectic armload of glossy magazines, and on down the road to JOY.

And what was in that mish-mash of glossy words and photos I had gathered for other people’s vision boards? The aforementioned three, count ’em 3, articles on the scientifically-proven healing power of spending quiet time in nature, complete with footnotes and annotations and additional references providing me with more research data for my own writings.

You may be wondering why I would think this has anything to do with you, or if there is a point to this rambling. It does. There is.
My point is this:

We just need to slow down a bit, and pay attention.

   If I had written a plan for the day, I would not have included a trip to the library on this list. Had I rushed through my own mental to do list, I could have spent many hours (or days) searching for the very research, complete with pretty pictures, that was dropped into my lap, so easily and serendipitously today.

How wonderful life can be when we remember to be present!
How fun life can be when we are open to happenstance,
co-incidence, angel play and the easy way. that was easy button

Today I am grateful for grace and for the million little signs along the path.

Thank you Life!